Dan's "Action" Project

  • The Flame of Hope Foundation is an organization that raises money to assist the disadvantaged and slum dwellers and Tsunami survivors and Provides educational opportunities for Americans as well as Thai students The Flame of Hope Foundation is a not-for profit organization which provides money to the Duang Prateep Foundation, its sister organization.

    The way it works is that Locals in Thailand and Tsunami survivors make bags and batik using equipment such as sewing machines donated to them by DPF. These are then sold here in America and the money donated to help the Survivors and the Thai people.

    Flame of Hope Foundation was founded by Karen Dahl, about 7 years ago. Karen Dahl is a graduate of the Wisconsin Rural Leadership Program for 2 years. The Flame of Hope Foundation has 9 members on the Board of Directors.

  • Utilize Leadership Skills to Raising the awareness of the plight of the Tsunami survivors and slum dwellers in Thailand.
  • Begin to understand the conflicts in Thailand which cause slums.
  • I have also been offered the opportunity to do Public speaking and presentations to public and private school within the Coulee region (our school district) which I would love to do
  • My main role will be "Marketing director" which will put me in charge of encouraging Waldorf High Schools in the US to sell the art work made by the Thai people.
  • To work closely with Karen Dahl and learn about running an organization such as this.

    Along the way I will face some CHALLENGES AND CONSTRAINTS along with questions such as: Can one person really effect change?
    This was the question that Karen Dahl asked herself when she started the organization 7 years ago. What does it take to effect change in the world? I will be a senior this fall and managing my time will be a challenge as always. I find it difficult to apply myself fully when my mind is on school. Another challenge is to get everyone to realize that they can make a difference, no matter their socio-economic class, the color of their skin. We can all make a difference.

    Karen Dahl has been a great RESOURCE and it not for her I would not have known about The Flame of Hope Foundation. I am sure she will be a great resource in the future. I am also counting in the citizens of my town, Viroqua to assist me as well as my classmates and teachers.
    The PLAN OF ACTION involves many steps, some of them more concrete than others. As soon I am home, which will be early September I will learn more about The Flame of Hope Foundation and similar organizations and how they function. Second I would like to learn more about the plight in Thailand. Third I will begin in the challenging task of contacting Waldorf High School in our country.

    Dan Kennedy

What are the Community Action Projects?

The Community Action projects will provide you with an opportunity to apply concepts you learn in Leadership and Conflict Resolution Course in your life in a meaningful way on a topic that you are passionate about addressing in your community.

Brown University is currently developing a way for students to keep in touch with one another after you leave this course so you can help support each other in the implementation of your action projects back in your community.


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hi i'm working on my action project. yippee!

Blogs are superb! I'm not done with my Action Project yet. But i'm working crazy hard on it.

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